The Power of Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Gift by Evergreen Gift Basket Company

Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March each year. While bosses should make sure their employees feel appreciated year-round, this day is a great opportunity to thank and reward them! 

You don't need statistics to know that lack of appreciation is one of, if not the #1 reason why people leave their jobs. It's costly to lose good employees, and costly to hire and train new ones. Feeling appreciated is a top motivator for employees to do great work and go above and beyond. It's simple: appreciation = increased morale, and increased morale = improved performance + job satisfaction. Employee appreciation doesn't have to consist of grand gestures in order to make a meaningful impact. Whatever you do, as long as the acknowledgement is coming from a sincere place, it has great power to make a lasting impression! Not sure what to do for Friday? Here are three easy ideas:

  • Give them a change of scene and take them out for a fun, long break during the day! A lunch out somewhere nice, a relaxed BBQ at the park, a fun team-building activity out of the office... It'll be a good opportunity for them to connect with you and also get a well-deserved break!
  • Give them a thoughtful, quality gift! (And no, not another pen or mug with the company logo). By quality, we don't necessarily mean expensive either. It can even be a gift with quality snacks! Check out our collection for ideas!
  • Give them a personalized, hand-written note. In the age of technology and emails, a sincere hand-written note with something you appreciate about them or acknowledging something they did would be a simple but very impactful gesture!

Show your employees appreciation, not just on this designated day, but year-round and you will see the difference the power of appreciation makes!

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