About Us

Hi there! My name's Areum, Founder/Owner of Evergreen Gift Basket Co. and a Certified Gift Designer and I'm so happy you're here!

Evergreen was established in 2019 with a mission to strengthen relationships while making a meaningful impact through the thoughtful act of gifting. I believe that a thoughtfully chosen gift is a powerful way to not just tell, but show someone you care about them.

My vision couldn't end there though. With an academic background in Women's Studies, Sociology and Educational Counseling, doing something where I could make a positive impact on a larger scale was always a part of me and I knew I couldn't feel fulfilled if I didn't incorporate that value into my business. What sets us apart is my vision to be a purposeful gifting company that changes how we buy and give gifts by sourcing quality products that are natural, health-conscious, made by businesses that give back and/or make a positive impact on people and the planet. Evergreen is a natural result of combining my desire to build a better, more connected world while fulfilling my love for creativity.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us! We'd love to get to know you too! Feel free to contact us anytime for any reason: