Business Gifting

How do you motivate and retain your employees?

How do you show your clients how much you appreciate their loyalty and business?

How do you thank your associates for their referrals and support?

How do you stay on top of mind with your partner businesses and customers?

How do you stand out by making lasting impressions, not just during the holidays or special occasions, but throughout the year?

Our mission is to build evergreen relationships and businesses through the simple yet powerful act of thoughtfulness. In addition to gift solutions for holidays and special occasions, we offer ways to say thank you to clients and employees and stay on top of mind with others year-round:

  • Pop by/mini gifts (stay on top of mind while standing out)
  • Thank you gifts for referrals, feedback, etc.
  • Closing gifts (i.e. after selling a home, a car, closing a deal, etc.)
  • Gifts recognizing milestones or special occasions (retirement, new baby, birthday, etc.)
  • Event gifts (i.e. weddings, conferences, etc.)
  • Amenity gifts 
  • Holiday gifts

We also offer:

  • Custom gift boxes including your logo
  • Custom printed ribbon with your logo for gifts, sashes, new homes, etc.

We do not believe that the level of impact a gift makes is contingent upon the amount spent and we work with businesses on creating gifts that will make a lasting impression within any budget.

Want to discuss how we can help you build relationships and therefore your business? Email: