Her Story

Areum Ross

Hello! I'm Areum, Certified Gift Designer and Founder of Evergreen Gift Basket Company, and I'm so happy you're here!

Evergreen was established in 2019 with a mission to strengthen relationships while making a meaningful impact through the thoughtful act of gifting. Prior to launching Evergreen, I worked in higher education and designed gift baskets as a creative outlet. After noticing the positive emotional reactions my gifts would elicit, I decided I'd like to spread joy and comfort for a living and took a (calculated) leap of faith into entrepreneurship!

While I love creating beautiful gifts, I knew I needed to be able to do something where I could affect positive change on a larger scale to truly feel fulfilled. With an academic background in Women's Studies, Sociology and Educational Counseling, I always wanted to be in a position where I could bring others up and make the world a better place. As business owners and/or consumers, we make choices everyday and I choose to use my business for good and make purchasing choices that are mindful of people and the planet as much as possible. Evergreen is a natural result of combining my desire to build a better, more connected world while fulfilling my love for creativity!